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Jump Point Search+

The Jump Point Search+ algorithm is an improvement on Jump Point Search. It calculates a path twice as fast in the worst case, and a hundred times as fast in the best case, in comparison to A*. It does come with a few restrictions, however.

Jump Point Search+ in NavTiles does not support:

  • Any areas in addition to the default "Walkable" and "Non-Walkable" areas.
  • Diagonally moving agents.
  • Dynamically changing grids, where the walkable surface changes.
  • Hexagonal grids.

Jump Point Search+ is so fast because it makes a lot of assumptions when baking the grid, allowing for some data to be calculated before the game starts. These calculations are performed once and subsequently saved. In a more dynamic algorithm, like A*, these calculations happen (differently) at runtime.

If you want to learn more about the Jump Point Search+ algorithm, we suggest reading this paper, which was part of GameAIPro 2.