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Pathfinding Settings

The pathfinding settings control how the agent finds and navigates a path.

Walkable AreasThis determines which area types the agent is able to traverse.
Agent typeThis is used to determine the outcome of conflicts. Read more about this topic on the agents and conflict handling pages.
SpeedThe speed of the agent when moving, in tiles per second.
Diagonal AllowedWhether the agent is allowed to move diagonally.
Cut CornersWhen diagonal movement is enabled for the agent, this option specifies whether the agent is allowed to move diagonally past obstacles in its direct vicinity.

For instance, when the agent encounters an obstacle directly above it, enabling this allows it to move up and to the right, or up and to the left, in one move. Disabling this forces it to move horizontally first, after which it can move up.
Ignore Tile CostWhether the cost values in the areas tab are considered when determining a path. See the A* page for information on how tile cost affects pathfinding.