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A NavLink is an asset that is used to link any generic tile to a NavTileArea. This is often used when using custom tiles, like the ones in the 2D extras pack, since these can't be converted to NavTiles.

A NavLink has a reference to a tile and an area index that links that tile to a NavTileArea.

Field Description
Linked Tile This is a reference to the tile asset that should be linked to a NavTileArea. This can be any tile that inherits from TileBase.
Area Index The index of the NavTileArea the tile should be linked to.

The easiest way to properly create a NavLink is to select the tile(s) you want to link in the project hierarchy and clicking on Tools > NavTiles > Create NavLinks For Tiles using the toolbar at the top of the editor. This will create NavLinks for each tile. The newly created NavLinks are placed inside the resources folder, where NavTiles can easily find and track them. If a NavLink is placed outside the resources folder, there is no guarantee it will work properly.

The "View Links" button will take you to the links tab in the Navigation Settings Window. Here you can find an overview of all registered NavLinks.

The "Edit Areas" button will take you to the areas tab in the Navigation Settings Window. Here you can view and edit NavTileAreas.