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The areas tab of the NavTile Settings Window.

This tab allows you to view and edit NavTileAreas. The first two are default areas that can be used with their initial settings. You can add additional areas by naming the unused areas.

Each NavTile has a NavTileArea type, which determines how Agents interact with it. A NavTileArea has a number of notable properties.

Category Description
Index The index of the area in the areas array. These are used to identify areas in code.
Color The color used when displaying tiles of this area type in debug mode. Debug settings can be found in the bake tab.
Name The name of the area, which shows up in dropdown menus. The index of an area can be retrieved through this name.
Cost The cost of traversing a tile of this area's type. Cost influences an agent's preferred path (e.g. making a road preferable over grass). The higher the cost of an area, the less likely an agent is to walk on it. If this behavior is not needed, it is best to leave cost at 0 for optimal performance.
Priority This is used when baking the NavTiles. If multiple tiles overlap the same position on the grid, the area with the highest priority is chosen as the area type for that grid position.