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The bake tab of the NavTile Settings Window.

The bake tab is used to manually bake the NavTile grid. This is done by clicking the "Bake" button. The baking process will go through all tiles on every tilemap and find the linked NavTileArea for each tile. These areas are then registered on the NavTile grid based on their priority.


The created NavTile grid is stored in a scene related data asset, located at


When baking NavTile data, any tiles offset in the Z direction will be treated as if it they were placed on Z = 0.

Next to the "Bake" button is the "Clear" button, which resets all NavTile data for this scene.


Clearing NavTile data does not delete the data asset; that has to be done manually.

An example of the "Areas" debug setting, which shows the corresponding color of each NavTileArea present in the baked grid.

This tab also includes some debug settings. These settings allow you to easily see the generated NavTile data in the scene view. This debug visualization is only visible when the NavTile Settings Window is open.

The debug visualization uses Unity Handles, which have limited rendering optimization. If the scene view is displaying more than 4000 tiles at once no Handles will be drawn, in order to mitigate performance issues.

Dropdown Description
Areas This debug setting shows the color of the baked NavTileArea for each tile on the grid.