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The links tab of the NavTile Settings Window.

The links tab of the NavTile Settings Window can be used to view a list of all registered NavLinks present in the project. These fields serve as an overview, and can therefore not be edited. Clicking on a field will ping the corresponding asset in the project hierarchy. Newly created NavLinks are automatically added to this list. If your NavLink isn't showing up, make sure it is located within a "Resources" folder and press "Refresh Links" to refresh the list.

The "Refresh Links" button at the bottom of the overview allows you to find new NavLinks and remove corrupted NavLinks. A NavLink becomes corrupted when its linked tile is deleted from the project. When the button is pressed, NavTiles finds all NavLinks in all existing "Resources" folders and adds them if they are not present. It will also preserve previously registered NavLinks, even if they are outside a "Resources" folder.