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Supported Features

If you are considering using NavTiles but are unsure about compatibility with your existing project, you can check out the supported features list below.

What we do support:

  • Full integration with Unity's Tilemaps, preserving what you have already built.
  • All Tilemap cell layouts (Rectangle, Hexagon, Isometric, and Isometric Z as Y).
  • Customizable grid cell size.
  • Tilemap layers (for more information, check out the Tilemap layering tutorial here).

What we do not (currently) support:

  • Grid cell gap other than 0.
  • Grid cell swizzles other than the default (XYZ).
  • Tilemap anchors higher than 1 (this displaces the Tilemap completely).
  • Tilemaps that are moved from the origin (a position other than 0 on any axis).

If you are looking for a feature that isn't currently supported, don't be afraid to send us an e-mail. We may be able to support it in a future update.